Outdoor lighting – Our durable awning light

Lumicoin LED light

Rugged – Dependable – and ready for use under real outdoor conditions. Our outdoor LED lamp is available in a 1-button version, the switching and dimming is done via an external switch and a 2 – button version, in which each switch only has one function, but no shift functions possesses. Our outdoor awning light can be mounted flush on any outdoor surface on RV’s or camper boxes.

In the 2 – button version you can use several lights together or operate each LED lamp individually. And that applies both to the on / off as well as dimming function.

You can even attach an extra “panic button“. This button will instantly turns on all lights at maximum brightness when switched on.


Group Awning light (LA)
Type Flat luminaire with light emission downwards
Example LED for awning, wallwashers indoor and outdoor
Dimensions Height 150mm, Hight100mm, Flat15mm
Weight 0,6 Kg
Fixing 4 screws (supplied)
Operating voltage 10V – 30V DC
Rated life 60.000h lt. LM80*
Manufacture LumiCoin-Elektronik e.K.
Country of origin Germany